Case Study: A Golfer Giveaway

  • Dec 6, 2022


An event organizer wanted consistent branding for everything from their tournament save the dates to golfer giveaways.


Custom Tri-Fold Calendar, A2 (4-1/4" x 5-1/2") Folded Printed Card, Bottle Hanger, and 4" x 6" Golf Ball Texture Folder


All products featured the tournament crest as the main focus on all products. Since the save the date, invitation, and bottle hanger were printed by the same printer, color and branding was consistent.

Method of Distribution

The save the date and invitation were mailed to golfers from previous tournaments, club members, and those who had shown interest in the golf classic over the past year. Bottle hangers were handed out during drinks after the tournament. After dinner, golfers were given custom portrait folders with pictures of their foursome out on the course.

Marketing Outcome

Receiving their event marketing products and giveaways from one source made advertising for this tournament easier than trying to match colors and imprint sizes when dealing with multiple vendors. Golfers appreciated the early save the date and the custom invite. The bottle hangers were an unexpected but practical surprise, and the portrait folders were a memorable giveaway.

Golf Tournament SetSource: Warwick Publishing Co

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